Providence University is an emanation of ULC-ITALIA, which is in turn a Universal Life Church (ULC) congregation. Thus, it is a non-denominational religious organization with millions of members all over the world. By becoming an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, you will be granted all the rights and privileges afforded to clergy members of other faiths – including the ability to perform legal wedding ceremonies. Ordination also opens the door for you to start a personal ministry, preside over other religious and spiritual ceremonies, and much more.

Membership is open to anyone who feels called to join. We are multi-denominational, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds and belief systems into the fold. Plus, unlike traditional religious organizations, we do not require years of training or expensive courses to become a member of the clergy. We believe that true potential transcends superficial appearances and traditional qualifications. We embrace the philosophy that "the clothes do not make the monk, but those who are willing to commit to monkhood can dignify the clothes."

That is why we grant titles and certifications immediately, trusting individuals to use them responsibly from day one. We believe in removing barriers and enabling everyone to make a difference. Ordination is completely legal and our degrees are certified by the Religious Life Accrediting Association. We are the only institution offering immediate degrees in Jewish Studies and Kabbalah.

We understand the value of what one gives is what one receives. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to donate according to your conscience and the value you assign to your chosen title. Your donation goes to one of our selected board members who supports our mission and publications, and ensures that you receive the blessing to fulfill your wish.

Your honorary title can be printed immediately, is officially registered, and can be verified online. Choose your path, make your donation, and receive the recognition you deserve.

Credential of Ministry

The Credential of Ministry serves as your official legal license with the Universal Life Church, confirming your status as a minister while granting privileges and responsibilities. With it, you can solemnize marriages, officiate ceremonies, and perform sacred rites in alignment with ULC principles. This credential opens doors to spiritual service, allowing you to make a meaningful impact in others' lives. Embrace the honor and responsibility it bestows, stepping boldly into your role as a beacon of light in your community.

Bachelor of (choose)

Do you feel your ministry calling you? The Bachelor issued by the Universal Life Church Ministries is an honorary degree. Members of the ULC are lifelong learners, ever searching for answers to life's great questions. Who are we? How did this world come to be? Are greater powers at work, and if so, how can we better understand them? This honorary degree is a direct reflection of a commitment to greater knowledge of the divine. Obtaining this title designates the bearer as someone who has fully committed themselves to the study of the divine and all of its mysteries.

Master of (choose)

Sense your ministry urging you onward? The Master's, from the Universal Life Church Ministries, is an honorary pinnacle and your next step. ULC members are eternal scholars, questing for life's profound truths. Who are we? How came this world to be? Do greater forces guide us, and how might we fathom them? This accolade mirrors an unwavering pursuit of divine wisdom, marking the bearer as a devotee wholly immersed in the study of the divine's enigmatic depths.

Doctor in (choose)

Feel the resonance of your ministry's call to ascend to greater heights? The Doctorate, bestowed by the Universal Life Church Ministries, is an honorary degree of distinction. ULC members are perpetual scholars, delving into life's deepest truths. If you've already contemplated questions like: Who are we? How did this world come to be? Are we guided by higher forces, and how can we begin to comprehend their influence? This esteemed degree embodies an unwavering commitment to divine understanding, positioning the recipient as a scholar fully immersed in the exploration of the divine's profound mysteries.

Title of (choose)

Feel the resonance of your ministry's call to ascend? At the Universal Life Church Ministries, craft your own religious title, shaping your spiritual path. Whether you are a Minister, Reverend, Pastor, Priestess, Rabbi, Imam, or any other, our mission is to honor your journey. As perpetual seekers, our members delve into life's deepest truths. This honorary opportunity reflects unwavering dedication to divine understanding, positioning you as a scholar immersed in the exploration of profound mysteries.

While donations are always appreciated, we understand some may not be able to contribute financially at this time. If you would still like to receive your credential but cannot donate, since PayPal does not process zero-value transactions, simply email us your information and preferred credential type. We will be happy to process your request manually. Once processed, you can verify your credential on our dedicated verification page.