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What is the difference between a normal and a PRO account?The use of the software infrastructure is completely free (eventually subject to a monthly subscription for PRO services) to evey type of user. Anybody can register at the website and use it according to the provisions of law.
PRO users are simply normal users who got a license to use certain additional features of the software.
What are the benefits of a PRO license?If you are a PROfessional doing kabbalistic dossiers for other people, you may get a return from using the software, or simply you want to have extra features, you can get a PRO license.
What are the extra features?
  • A print button will appear on the apps and you will be able to print in PDF format
Print button
  • You can generate your personal Kabbalah dossier in PDF format, which might be over 100 pages long (increasing as we publish new apps)
Kabbalah Dossier
  • You can add/edit/delete your own users
Add/edit/delete users
  • You can quickly generate a PDF dossier for your users, customized with your company data
User dossier
  • You will be the first to have access to new apps and special apps reserved to PRO users
Where can I buy an app from the author?The apps are not for sale.
What are the terms of the license?You can check the terms of the license by clicking here.
What are the license options?Actually, licenses are on a per year basis.
I have a problem with the license activationIf you were not logged in when you made the payment, you may need to email us to activate your account manually (tell us your Paypal email and your registration email, so that we can match them if they are different). For any other issue, simply contact us.
Is there any guarantee that this website will not disappear after I made a payment?Apps aside, the authors have over 120 published books offered through this website and the biggest retailers (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc.). Therefore, the website is unlikely to disappear.
Is there a downloadable version of the apps?No. We keep everything online because it is easier to maintain and we can roll out the updates on the fly. So, you do not have to worry to have the latest updates installed. There is no cost associated to the use of the online infrastructure.
I changed my mind. Is it possible to get a refund?It is possible to get a refund if your license was paid for but not used.
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