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Is it true that Kabbalah = DNA?About 4,000 years ago, fragments of the oral tradition (Kabbalah) were written down for the first time in history. A book titled Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) emerged, which described carefully 10 "Emanations" and 22 narrow "Paths" joining them. Those Emanations were called Sefirot Blimah - i.e. Emanations without Essence. They were described as 3 triplets + a final Emanation (Sefira) that gave the end command to the sequence. But this final Emanation, called Malkut (Kingdom) - where our planet Earth is referenced - was bigger than any other Emanation. Indeed, it was the size of 4 Emanations put together. The ancients justified this saying that Malkut is not spiritual such as the other Emanation, but it comprises the 4 elements.

Taken together, the 10 Emanations are what is basically called a Tree, or Sefirotic Tree. There are many kinds of Trees in the Pardes (Orchard, Paradise) - perfect, fallen, partial, etc. - but this is another story. What is interesting is that the ancients were piling the Trees over each other to create spiralling Ladders of Ascent. This ascent was happening through Worlds, meaning that we started from the World of Action - the material realm - till we reached the level of God. Thus, different positions in the helix have a different meaning and impact on the being. Some define our physical characteristics, some define our psychological traits, and so on.

The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick. DNA is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. Practically, DNA is what defines us. The DNA unit (less than this, we have no DNA) is called triple-strand. This is a structure in which 3 oligonucleotides wind around each other and form a triple helix - therefore, 3 triplets. To finalize the unit, there is a special triplet, which is called "non sense". It is bigger than the other triplets and it does not act as a triplet, but as a single whole.

Kabbalistic Tree
DNA Helix
 Kabbalistic Tree
DNA Helix

It is remarkable that such a similitude exists. We may speculate that ancient kabbalists knew already what DNA is. Indeed, Kabbalah is called the "science of sciences", because it is supposed to comprise every science, philosophy, and religion. There is a ton of examples where Kabbalah anticipates discoveries that were made centuries later. The true is that ancient kabbalists might not have had a clue of what DNA is. But they tried to summarize, or give a name, to the phenomenons around them. Somehow, they tried to understand the "blueprint" of Creation and found a repetitive model in nature. Humankind differs from other species because it can relate different things together. Thanks to this unique ability, we had what is called "progress". This ability is the furnace of ideas, inventions, technology, but it can also lead to colossal mistakes. Following a blueprint, we might be tempted to follow a model that is simply wrong. However, in general it is more likely that nature follows a specific repetitive pattern and our blueprint is correct, rather than the opposite.
How does a kabbalistic blueprint work?Kabbalah proposes a model to interpret reality based on sacred repetitive patterns found everywhere in nature. The 10 Emanations can be related to the DNA, but also to the entire Universe. Indeed, the ancients linked the Olam Gadol (Macrocosm) to the Olam Katan (Microcosm) - i.e. man. Therefore, they represent the planets, but also the internal organs. Still, the Emanations are none of the things they are referred to, because they are Bli Mah (without essence). We apply their blueprint to attain a reading key. Obviously, it will be a general key, which will approximate a meaning by deduction. Specific branches of science, nowadays, might provide better insights. However, Kabbalah still retains its value because it is a universal model. It can still catch things that hyper-specialized technology cannot see and still surprise us. At the end, it always wanted to be the holy thread that unites everything.
Why is your Tree different/inverted?We use the Tree of the Ari, which is the true kabbalistic Tree and differs from what you can find in books about magic. You might notice that the paths are not same and only one path connects Yesod with Malkut. Moreover, people are accustomed to see God from behind. Thus, they usually place the right column on the right of the paper in front of you, so that your right arm corresponds to the column at the right of the paper. If the paper were a physical person, in order to have this match, you would have to stay behind the person, facing his back. This way, the two arms would coincide and the respective right side would be same (and so for the left side). This model has a flaw, as it rarely happens in real life. Usually, you stay face to face with a person. Kabbalists devised a reversed Tree to hide the secret of face to face contact. Indeed, it is said that nobody could see God face to face. We believe that the time has come, and we can introduce the true Tree. Working with a true Tree means that, when you imagine an angel in front of you, practise meditation, etc., you see the correct correspondences.
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