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Your Kabbalah Codes Unleashed

We study and exploit the secret codes in the Sealed Books to give you the practical tools to reach a better perception of reality, grow spiritually, and unleash your full potential according to God's wish.

Here, you will find answers to many unanswered questions, such as where do you come from, why are you here, what are you expected to to in this life, what will happen to you, which angels watch over you, which demons will give you trials, etc.
Through the Goralot (Oracles), you will be able to receive an answer directly from God. The stars will guide your steps, and your personal Psalms will unlock the gates so that your prayers can go through the Curtain.
If you want to study the Holy Language, we also provide extended tools (dictionaries, lexicons, etc.). New tools are constantly added.
We started this big effort to bring you the ancient knowledge, so that it serves as a guide for your future steps. All tools are free for single users. A membership may be due to access the pages. Professional users may obtain a non-exclusive license to use the advanced features of the software.
If you need help or want to contribute, you are welcome to contact us.
Most of our services are unique, in that you cannot find them anywhere else. We strive to give you only the truest kabbalistic systems. A kabbalist, once, needed days to do all the calculations by hand and consult many heavy tomes. Now, it's a matter of seconds. Our database comprises a huge collection of texts and algorhythms.
We collaborate with many institutions internationally, such as, to republish and distribute world first class translations. We can also give classes. Just get in touch!

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