Hebrew-English translators needed

Are you a Hebrew-English translator with fluency in Medieval Hebrew and Aramaic? We might be seeking you!

We offer long term positions with standard work contracts. We only hire directly, so we don't accept professional translators and their rates.

Hired translators are free to organize their time. Our translation project is very huge, so we don’t put a term. We just require a minimum effort on a daily basis. We ask that our translators send us at least a few pages per week on a fixed Friday's delivery.

All material between us and our translators has to be confidential.

We require that the translated pages adhere to the following criteria:

  • Kabbalistic terms should remain in Hebrew
  • the translation has to be “literal”, and preserve the taste of the writer; when the sentence does not have a sense, translated in a “literal” way, it has to be interpreted, but there should be care that the literal meaning is preserved in the best way

So, do you want to become one of our translators? Please, send us your resume and we will contact you back with our offer. You can use the link "Contact us" on the left (under the Main menu) to find our email.

Volunteers who love Kabbalah are also appreciated. Our entire organization is based on volunteering, but we understand that translators are putting a great effort and need to eat too.