Who we are

 We are an ULC interfaith, non-denominational, scholarly association.

 We chose this asset because we need to be open to everybody, without distinction of gender, race, creed.

 Our members include people of many religions, all interested in the study of Kabbalah.

 Concerning Jews, we have some ultra-ortodox associates. Most of them are Lubavich Hassidim.

 We don't ask anybody to change one's own faith. ULC encourages to live one's own creed, with full respect for the others.

 We feel especially close to Jewish mysticism, i.e Kabbalah, and we strive to live our lives with the spirit of our fathers.

 More interested in translating/revealing than teaching, we collaborate with Providence University for our publications. Providence University manages our work, helps us with the translations, has a review board of Kabbalists that verifies our translations, thanks to its Department of Judaic Studies.

 Our mission statement:

 We are those ones who guard and mantain the holy light of the eternal lamp.

 We are a small group, with a strong faith and fear of God, who try to best serve our Creator.

 We are committed to promote the experience of God and show His Paths.

 We do this by translating and widespreading the holiest books in history, written by people who saw the upper worlds and had an exposure with their holy dwellers, the Angels of God.

 We translate only content that was never translated before in other languages, or that was only incompletely and badly translated.

 Our main focus is mysticism, and particularly Jewish mysticism and prophetic/ecstatic Kabbalah. The tradition of the Holy Merkavah, or the Holy Chariot as it is expressed in the Ezekiel's visions, is very dear to us.

 Every work of ours will be made "public domain" in the future, because the knowledge of God cannot anymore remain hidden.

 If you are interested in knowing God, the techniques of prophecy, the contact with the upper worlds and the Angels, we invite you to support us in our translations, and to join our many courses, lectures, chats.