- (04/01/2007) I greatly appreciate the work by Fabrizio Lanza and colleagues to bring into English translation some of the oldest jems of Kabbalah. This has opened a treasurechest for those of us not fluent in Hebrew. These works stand in revealing contrast to some of the "modern" Kabbalistic works by writers from different traditions, where the material is presented to appeal to glamour and intrigue. The old Masters approached the subject from a position of devotion to, and awe of God, and this comes through strongly in the new translations. These new translations are indeed a blessing for the quiet seekers.
 Dr Isaac Golden, Cherokee, Australia

 - (05/11/2007) I absolutely love what your society is doing, I have purchased some of your translations of Chaim Vital's works and they are spectacular. I plan to buy all the translations your society may release. I hope your translations lead those who where sent on a misdirected path by such men as Pico della Mirandola, Athanasius Kircher, and Cornelius Agrippa, to name a few, towards the properly revealed and correctly translated works of the Kabbalah. I have been studying the works of Aryeh Kaplan and Yitzchak Ginsburg (Gal Einai inst. Israel) for many years and have learned much; I hope to learn more with your translations, thank you.
 Sincerely Mr O. Rodriguez

 - (01/22/2012) You and your team can be proud of the fact that Providence University/EverBurningLight.org succeeded where commercial translation bureaux had failed to deliver and where high-profile Kabbalah scholars had declined the challenge on grounds of its difficulty. Lloyd D. Graham, PhD, Sydney, Australia