Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramchal) is an outstanding kabbalistic genius who was born in Italy, Padova, in 1707 and died in Acre in 1746. He could synthesize and reconcile the ancient kabbalistic views of the Rishonim with the modern lurianic ones. His writings are very explicative and clear, due to his rational and inquisitive mind.

Poet, playwrighter, philologist and mystic, in 1727 he had a special revelation, which introduced him to the study of  Kabbalah. Despite the hostility around himself, since he was lacking all the necessary requisites for the study of Kabbalah, he  pursued his aim and founded the "Society of people looking for the Lord", a secret circle of young scholars.
His kabbalistic activity put him soon  in disagreement with the rabbinate in Venice, forcing him to emigrate to Amsterdam. In 1743 he went to live in Safed, the foremost kabbalistic town situated in Galilea. Three years later he died of plague, together with his family, and he was then buried in Tiberiade.

KLaCh Pischey Chokhmah, 138 Openings of Wisdom

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