Abulafia's masterpiece: Life in the World to Come

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Abulafia's masterpiece, Life in the World to Come (Chaye Ha-Olam Ha-Ba) is finally made public. It has been a great endeavor. We compared 8 manuscripts chosen among 40 and diligently verified fragments and differences. We are proud to say that our English edition is the most complete reconstruction of this famous work - even more complete than the actual Hebrew versions in print.

Each kabbalistic "keyword" has been thoroughly studied and verified by various scholars who joined the project, to ensure maximum faithfulness to the original text.

This is our first hardcover edition, which gives an added value to the translation. Original images have been added to the text, making it even more precious.

Life in the World to Come revolves on the exposition of the 72 Names of God, which is one of the most complex kabbalistic meditation system that are meant to bring us in contact with our Creator. Abulafia even gives practical details of the process (wearing a white tunic, etc.). Now, this historical work translated for the first time into another language can be yours!

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