Sefer Ha-Goralot, Book of Oracles by Chaim Vital

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In times of need, the authorities of Israel consulted an Oracle (Goral) to learn the will of Ha-Shem (the Lord) and to receive answers to their questions. Conceived by Ahitophel, special adviser of King David, the Goralot elicit the intercession of 117 Angels in order to receive an answer directly from God concerning matters that we take at heart.

Also known as the Goralot of Ahitofel, they can answer and advise practically on every field. This version is known as the most complete, and the largest too. It is translated for the first time in English, and it gives all the names of the angels connected to every specific question. Rules are given in order to expand the system, together with the correct preparation in order to let it work.

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