Abulafia's masterpiece: Life in the World to Come

Abulafia's masterpiece, Life in the World to Come (Chaye Ha-Olam Ha-Ba) is finally made public. It has been a great endeavor. We compared 8 manuscripts chosen among 40 and diligently verified fragments and differences. We are proud to say that our English edition is the most complete reconstruction of this famous work - even more complete than the actual Hebrew versions in print.

Each kabbalistic "keyword" has been thoroughly studied and verified by various scholars who joined the project, to ensure maximum faithfulness to the original text.

This is our first hardcover edition, which gives an added value to the translation. Original images have been added to the text, making it even more precious.

Life in the World to Come revolves on the exposition of the 72 Names of God, which is one of the most complex kabbalistic meditation system that are meant to bring us in contact with our Creator. Abulafia even gives practical details of the process (wearing a white tunic, etc.). Now, this historical work translated for the first time into another language can be yours!

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Enlightening the intellect with Abulafia's Light of the Intellect

The long awaited Light of Intellect (Ohr Ha-Sechel) by Abraham Abulafia is finally out. This is the official first edition!

Light of Intellect is along with Life in the World to Come and the Book of Desire in the abulafian trilogy. Abulafia himself said that they are his best works, since they have a better fluency and "kabbalistic flow" than any other book.

Light of the Intellect is very reasoned and philosophical, going into depths that no other work goes. It is a perfect manual to understand the complexities of prophetic Kabbalah.

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Learning the Secrets of the Torah

Abraham Abulafia's Sitrei Torah (Secrets of the Torah) is out, in two volumes.

Thought as a commentary on Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed, it discusses all levels of kabbalistic understanding, leading the reader in the unfolding of the secrets of Creation and the Chariot.

 As his custom, Abulafia goes straight to the point: He needs to aid the reader in his direct experience of the divine. He explains that the World to Come is not so far as we might think, but anybody can reach it. The conditions for an uplifting in the general consciousness are already present in our time. It only depends on us.

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Sefer Ha-Goralot, Book of Oracles by Chaim Vital

In times of need, the authorities of Israel consulted an Oracle (Goral) to learn the will of Ha-Shem (the Lord) and to receive answers to their questions. Conceived by Ahitophel, special adviser of King David, the Goralot elicit the intercession of 117 Angels in order to receive an answer directly from God concerning matters that we take at heart.

Also known as the Goralot of Ahitofel, they can answer and advise practically on every field. This version is known as the most complete, and the largest too. It is translated for the first time in English, and it gives all the names of the angels connected to every specific question. Rules are given in order to expand the system, together with the correct preparation in order to let it work.

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The Practical Kabbalah of Shimmush Tehillim

We introduce a revised version of Shimmush Tehillim by Selig, a classic work on practical Kabbalah. Despite it is not common in contemporary Jews circles, it is still preserved in a few manuscripts in Vatican library. We modernized the text, checked the Hebrew names, and added their correct writing. We also include all psalms in Ashurit script, with a literal modernized translation side by side. This is very useful for study and meditation, because it employs the holy script. We took a special care in constructing the fonts closest to the original script instructions. Shimmush and Psalms really complement each other, because you can cross-reference them, and see how to develop your own Gematrias and combinations.

To complete the text, we added hints about very important and hidden topics. The purpose is just to open the doors, and not to show everything. Thus, the Nekudot/Taamim/Tagin/Otiot system is briefly explained in its kabbalistic meaning. Also, the way of calculating your own personal psalms. Once, Siddurim (prayer books) were custom prepared for each person, because each of us has a different key to unlock the power of prayer. Personal psalms were inserted in the proper points of the personal Siddur, in order to attain this result. We also included psalms 151-155, hinting at their meaning. In conclusion, this book is a good intro as a beginning for further study and research.

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