How do we know where we are in our spiritual path?

This is a typical questions that a beginner always asks. Somebody really feels sick and despairs to know it. Indeed, we should not bother, because when it is the proper time, we will just know it.

In Kabbalah, we learn that, until we are in a "fallen tree" condition, we cannot sense the higher worlds properly. Thus, we don't have a perception where we are at in our spiritual path. But when that special condition that is called "perfect tree" triggers, we gain at once a clear understanding of the whole Creation. As a consequence, we know exactly where we are at, and what we still have to do.

Changing one's condition from a "fallen tree" to a "perfect tree" consciousness implies what is called "passing the barrier" (see the Ari), or "leaving the cloud on unknowingness" (see Ezechiel). This is the first and most important step that one can take in his spiritual journey, which changes the way he perceives reality forever, and it is known by the term "enlightenment".

Basically, until you are in a dark room you keep moving and hitting against the objects on the floor. You learn little by little how the room is made by mistake. But when the light is lit, you just see everything, without the need to move by chance. So, when the light will be lit, you will certainly know it! In the meantime, the best thing to do it to work to bring that light into your life, without much questioning.