Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) is the most renewed Kabbalist in history, protagonist of the Zohar. He lived after the destruction of the second temple (around 150 CE).
His teacher was Rabbi Akiva, who was tortured and killed with his students by the Romans who felt threatened by Kabbalah. They skinned him up to the bones with an iron comb for horses. Following the death of the 24.000 students of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was authorized by the teacher himself and by Rabbi Yehuda Ben Baba to teach Kabbalah to the future generations, as it was taught to him. He and other four students were the only ones in the school of Akiba who escaped the Romans.
Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai and his son Elazar hid for thirteen years in a cave. When they came out they had in their  hands the Zohar and a crystalline method for the study of Kabbalah.
The Rashbi reached all the 125 levels of spirituality that a human being can reach during his life in this world, and in the Zohar he tells us how he reached together with his son the particular spiritual level called  "Eliyahu the Prophet", i.e. when the Prophet himself comes to teach the road.